Next Round: 2024 april 23rd

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Deadline Extension

Opening in 2 hours!


The Warehouse Sale does not follow any particular design themes. You are given creative freedom to make whatever items you want as long as they comply with the event rules.

The goal of the event of this sale is to offer 1 discounted item each round to encourage customer interest.

1 color/item of your choice offered at a 10-50%, the % can be chosen from this given range only duration of event.

Sponsor Designer allowed to setup an Old item for apply the discount Rules.

Normal Designer allowed to setup 1 Old item, But discount rules must apply to the New item or Both.

– Old & New item both on discount : Allowed
– Old item on discount & no discount on New item : Not Allowed

(Optional / Not required to offer an old release)

Sponsor : 120 Prims

Allowing the sale of Old items with New Item without Limitation.

( Optional )

Normal : 60 Prims

Allowing setup 1 Old item Only with New item.

( Optional )

Deadline Extension : 2,500 L

– To be paid if you need additional time beyond the deadline to setup.

• Application OPEN / CLOSE : Every Month 26th ~ Next Month 2th

• Payment Room OPEN / CLOSE : Every Month 3th ~ 8th 1am SLT

• Designer Set-up OPEN / CLOSE : 19th Midnight SLT ~ 21st 1am SLT

• Deadline Extension OPEN / CLOSE : 21st 1am SLT ~ 23rd 8pm SLT

• Event OPEN / CLOSE : Every Month 23rd 10pm SLT ~ Next Month 18th 10pm SLT

• No Theme / You can freely make any item you want. Unleash your creativity, No Kid & Child items are allowed / Moderate & Adult items are welcome. Go as dark as you dare to if that is what you like.

• 100% Original Mesh
   1) You must be the one who created the mesh, no templates for the masses.
   2) Working with a Custom Mesh Creator-exclusive only to your store is OK.

• Re-textured / Using Old items is not allowed. (Exception is if you are a sponsor) You must have 1 exclusive New item each round.

• Copyright Infringement will not be tolerated, you will be confronted and asked to remove the item.

• You can price your items freely.

• Every round there needs to be at least 1 discounted item.
  1 color / item of your choice. ( 5 – 50% discount you can choose. )
  After the end of each round, you can change to normal price and sell at your store.

Sponsor Designer can apply the discount rules on the old items.

Normal Designer can setup 1 Old item with the New Item, You must have *NEW* item apply the discount rules at least 1 Item/color.
– Old & New item both on discount : Allowed
– Old item on discount & no discount on New item : Not Allowed
( Old item setup is not mandatory. )

• Gacha/Miepon is not allowed
(   Policy Change Regarding Gacha )

• Only designers can enter the sim during the rent and setup period.
  ( Partners & Managers also can enter if needed. )

• You may provide Review Packs for our bloggers to help promote the event and your item.
Please send these out as soon as you are able so we can set up a server for you ( Blogotex )

• Must meet the deadline with your finished setup and item(s)

• Our setup is first come first serve, But you can setup only when your setup is completely ready.
Incomplete setup will be returned to be fair with the designers that have complied with the rules.

• If you have not finished with your setup by the 21th,
we will Replace or Close the empty booth spot.
Non-negotiable, no exceptions, no refunds to be fair
to the other designers who have kept to the rules.

– Exception Only if you’ve paid a Deadline Extension fee.
We will keep your spot until second deadline.
But If you still haven’t finished set-up before the Second Deadline,
We will have to clean up your booth to prepare for the opening to the public,
and there wont be any refund for deadline extension fee.
– If you haven’t done paying extension until 22th, 
Warning there has chances that your spot will be replace with waiting designers.

• Please Keep eyes on Group notices. All Information will be sent out this way.
If you miss a notice, it is your responsibility to find out what you missed.

Booth taking will be [ first come first serve basis ], however you can take your booth only when you are ready for set-up to be fair and give a chance to everyone the same. When you choose your booth and set-up done, we will place your store name on the board as it is done.

  • Sponsor : 120 Prims
  • Normal : 60 Prims

If you need additional Prims contact us.

  • Dooboo Ichibara (Discord : Dooboo#1126)
  • Cerberus Ichibara (Discord : Cerberus#0666)


Please, if you are decorate your booth, make sure to setting decors phantom and remove the additional script inside your decor to reduce lag.

How to set-up the Blogger Pack in Blogotex

1) Go to  [ The Warehouse Sale – Office] and find a Blogotex board on the wall.

2) Touch the board and send a simple app to get your Blogotex server.

– You don’t need to pay or make an account to use Blogotex. Once you send in your application, Blogotex will automatically create your account and auto logs in with your name. Please, read the rules before sending in the application to make sure you have agreed to the terms.

Once we approve your name in Blogotex, it will send you the Blogotex dropbox with an Approved Notecard.

3) Once we approve your name on the Blogotex, it will send you the Blogotex dropbox with an Approved notecard.

* Once you have agreed to share blogger pack in the Blogotex, and registered your name on our server list, you will be able to set-up Blogotex accordingly with instructions down below once we are open for set-up on the 19th but before then, Blogotex won’t work because the round hasn’t started yet in Blogotex. So please do the step 4 after the 19th *

4) Follow the instructions – [ Here ]

If you didn’t receive a notecard or a Dropbox please check the designer package in world and find the notecard : [TWS] Blogger Pack Set-up // Blogotex

If you have any question or problem message: 
Dooboo Ichibara ( Dooboo#1126 )
– Cerberus Ichibara ( Cerberus#0666 )
as soon as possible

  * Shoot us a message on the discord DM or on our staff server to get faster assistance *


The Warehouse Saleではテーマを設けておりません 基本ルールの範囲内であれば、お好きな物を自由にお作り頂けます。

イベントの販売目標としてお客様に興味を持って頂く為に、イベント期間中 1アイテムを割引設定にしてください。


– 割引10%~50%の間でお選びください



*この場合には、すでにブースに一つ以上の製品に 割引がされたものと認められます。

• スポンサーブース : 120 Prims


• 通常ブース : 60 Prims


• デッドライン延長料 : 2,500 L

– セットアップ期間に設置が間に合わない場合追加料金をお支払い頂きます。

アプリケーション OPEN / CLOSE : 24日 深夜0時 SLT ~ 27日 午前1時 SLT

Payment Room OPEN / CLOSE : 27日 1am SLT ~ 30、31日 午前1時 SLT

Designer Set-up OPEN / CLOSE : 19日 深夜0時 SLT ~ 21日 午前1時 SLT

Deadline Extension OPEN / CLOSE : 21日 午前1時 SLT ~ 23日 午後8時 SLT

Event OPEN / CLOSE : 毎月 23日 午後10時 SLT ~ 翌月 18日 午後10時 SLT

• テーマはありません。



100% オリジナルメッシュ

1) 必ずご自身でお作りになられたメッシュであること。(フルパメッシュの使用不可)

2) あなたのストアパートナーが作成したメッシュは許可されます。

• 過去品でテクスチャを変更したのみのアイテムはご使用いただけません。

(スポンサーのみ許可されます) 毎ラウンド 新規アイテムを最低1つお作りください。

• 著作権に関わる商品は許可されません。

• ガチャ商品はご遠慮ください。

• 値段設定に制限はございません。(スポンサーによる過去アイテムは例外)

毎ラウンド 新規アイテム1つ以上の作成が必要です。

(イベント開催期間中 他のイベントやメインストア、MPでの販売は出来ません)

1色または1アイテムの割引 ( 5%~50%の間でお好きに設定いただけます )

* スポンサーのみ過去アイテムを割引して設置いただけます*


• デザイナーのみセットアップ期間にSIMに入ることが出来ます ( ストアパートナー、マネージャーが必要な場合は許可されます )

• イベントブロガーへのブロガーパックの提供にご協力をお願いします( Blogotex経由 )

• デッドライン期日までに完成されたアイテムを設置し、


• セットアップ最終日の21日までにセットアップが完了していない場合、ブースの返却、ブースの閉鎖を行います。


– デッドライン延長料金をお支払い頂いた場合のみ例外となり、第2期日までブースは保持されます。



• インワールドのグループ通知は注意してチェックしてください。




商品を設置できる状態になってから、会場にお越し頂き セットアップをお願いいたします。


スポンサー : 120 Prims

ノーマル : 60 Prims

( 追加でプリム数が必要な場合にはご連絡ください )


Dooboo Ichibara (Discord : Dooboo#1126)

Cerberus Ichibara (Discord : Cerberus#0666)





1) [ The Warehouse Sale – Office] のルーム内の壁にBlototexのボードが設置されていますので そちらをクリックして頂き、ページの指示に従ってアプリケーションをお送りください。

– Blogotexを使用するに当たっての料金は発生いたしません。

– 一度アプリケーションを送っていただくと自動的にBlototexのアカウントが作成され、次回以降はご自身のSLのIDでログインされます。

– アプリケーションを送る前に、必ず規約をご一読ください。

2) Blogotexでお名前の確認ができ次第、受付完了のノートカードと共にBlogotex dropboxをお送りいたします。

* 19日のセットアップが開始された後に





3) 使用説明書 – [ こちら ]

ノートカードまたはdropboxを受け取れなかった場合、インワールドにてデザイナーパッケージの中にある [TWS] Blogger Pack Set-up // Blogotex をお探しください。


Dooboo Ichibara ( Dooboo#1126 ) 

Cerberus Ichibara ( Cerberus#0666 )


Ad Drop off

With so many images we are asking designers to help keep them web friendly. The max width of your image should be 1500 pixels. You may upload images in JPG/JPEG format with a reduced quality of 75%, files must be under 1MB to upload. We will be having the images displayed in a 4:3 grid format.

We would like to upload your ads to our Official Flickr page, as well, so you can upload your Full Ad. This can be JPG, JPEG, and PNG with a max file is up to 10MB.

If its hard, you can also drop off the AD in our Discord channel easier, Discord Link is down below. or Email to

What the gallery will look like with 4:3 grid format

Discord Server for Staff

Join our Discord server for Updates & Information and Fast Assistant for you to easy reaching out our staffs!

[  The Warehouse Sale – Discord Server ]

Please do not share this link to non-relative people.

This is the staff discord channels!




[  The Warehouse Sale – Discord Server ]



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